Project Financing

Project Financing

Global Partners is an advisory firm that specialized in developing and implementing optimized financial solutions for investment projects. We help assess options for delivering projects, develop financial models to evaluate financial options, and structure and negotiate with the funding market to obtain competitive terms for our client’s projects. We review alternate financing solutions and risk-mitigation concepts for projects and are typically engaged in the early stages of projects in order to ensure cohesive and comprehensive project development that takes financial aspects into consideration from day one. We work on projects in the energy, industry, infrastructure, healthcare, tourism, transportation and real estate markets.

Project finance often involves a lengthy process of detailed disclosures, lender due diligence, intense negotiations and complicated financial and security documentation. Our familiarity with this process ensures that our clients have the expert advice and support needed at every stage.

We provide a full professional international project development service from project conception to project completion. Our services are provided by our highly qualified team that has extensive technical and financial expertise.

Our service spectrum covers:

  • Analysis of all aspects and risks related to project finance and review of the financial viability of projects.
  • Financial advisory services, structuring, arranging and implementation of tailored and competitive financing concepts.
  • Design of financing-relevant components in the supplier agreement.
  • Coordination with customers, financial advisers and other customer consultants.
  • Negotiations with credit and investment insurers, national and international financing institutions and other project participants.