Merger and Acquisition

We assist foreign multinational companies seeking to make significant investments in Turkey, whether by way of merger, acquisition, strategic alliance or joint ventures. At the same time, we advise Turkish companies seeking to sell their shares, raise capital, make acquisitions and disposals, or form strategic alliances with foreign partners.

Turning a great idea into a profitable business or taking an existing business to the next level may require a substantial amount of money. Equity financing such as investments from venture capital and private equity firms can be considered as an alternative to borrowing the funds. Before approaching a venture capital or private equity firm, there is a need a long preparation process for a proposal that outlines all aspects of the business and, more important, why the firm should invest. Typically, the proposal also states the amount of money seeking, how the infusion of capital will benefit the business, current marketing strategies to be employed, and financial statements for the most recent years.

Global Partners and its business partners serve clients through all that process of preparations as well as conducting negotiations with strategic buyers and private capital funds.